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Best Healing Spots - Volume 1

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Best Healing Spots - Volume 1

In Hawaii, there are so many beautiful and wonderful ways to heal both your mind and body. These can include sunsets on the beach, snorkeling and diving with colorful fish, swimming with cute sea turtles, dolphins, and humpback whales, or enjoying the magnificent view from Diamond Head.

After enjoying a massage, why not take some time to visit some of Hawaii's most treasured healing spots?

Kapiolani Park

Kapiolani Park Kapiolani Park is a wonderful place for visitors to Hawaii to experience. It's close to Waikiki Beach and is a gorgeous place to enjoy after enjoying some time in the sea. At the park, you can lie down on the grass, read a book under the comforting shade of a tree, and enjoy the plentiful bird life. The tranquil surroundings are sure to heal and relax even the most stressed minds.

Kapiolani Park Address: 3840 Paki Ave, Honolulu
Opening hours: 5am - Midnight
*For safety reasons, it is not recommended to enter the park after sunset.

Kunawai Springs

A short distance from downtown Honolulu is Kunawai Springs Urban Park. This is a park where the purest, freshest water sprouts from six fountains. Locals say that the clay layer deposited at the bottom of the spring has a profound healing effect on the mind and body.

Kunawai Springs was used as a healing center until around 1880 where a female Kahuna (priest) managed the fountains and their healing power for the Hawaiian royal family. In 1960, it was converted into a park and is now a place that everyone can enjoy at their leisure. You can soak your hands and feet to heal, and even take some water back home with you. Kunawai Springs is a highly recommended place to visit to heal your tired body and mind.

Access: Turn left on Kunawai Street in front of St. Francis Hospital
After a short walk, you'll see a park with a small fountain on your left.

Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls Due to the abundant rain in the Manoa district, this valley hosts a variety of beautiful waterfalls. It was so beautiful that it was used for the principal photography in the famous US drama "Lost".

Because of the abundant greenery and powerful waterfalls, it is a highly recommended location for people seeking natural healing power. While the walking trails is a fun activity, caution is advised as they can sometimes be slippery when wet.

Manoa Falls Address: 3860 Manoa Road, Honolulu
Opening hours: The falls are open from sunrise to sunset
Visitors should depart the bus at the end of Manoa Valley. It takes about 10 minutes on foot from the bus stop to the mountain side.

Maunawilli Falls Trail

Maunawilli Falls Trail Maunawilli Falls are recommended for those who want to be healed by soaking in a basin or for those who are just wanting to enjoying time in the water. Many visitors also enjoy the natural waterfalls, so this is one good place to visit if you want to be healed by the beautiful water and abundant greenery.

The trekking course from the residential area of Maunawilli is good for beginners, but please take care on the steeper roads and walking paths along the river.

Maunawili Falls Trail Address: Maunawili Rd, Maunawili

Sea Life Park

Sea Life Park Sea Life Park is a must visit for anyone who enjoys swimming with dolphins, playing with sea lions, feeding sea turtles, and being healed by the natural energy of sea animals, The park also offers plenty of exciting activities such as the Shark Program where you can go into the ocean and watch sharks through the safety of a cage. Seeing a shark up close and personal is certainly a powerful and memorable experience!

Sea Life Park Address: 41-202 Kalanianaole Hwy, Waimanalo
Opening time: 0pen daily until 5pm
Access: Can be accessed by bus

Makapuu Beach Park

Makapuu Beach Park On the east side of Oahu you can find Cape Makapuu. This place is famous for their healing pools which can cure sickness.

Through the gaps in the rocks, fresh sea water enters and creates a natural healing pool - a pool that contains large amounts of mana, or Earth energy. It is said that if you immerse your feet in this pool, the stress in your body will melt and drift away. After spending time in the pool, both the mind and body will be lighter, freer, and vastly more relaxed.

Makapuu Beach Park Address: 41-095 Kalanianaole Hwy Waimanalo
Access: Makapuu Beach Park is across from Sea Life Park, so it can be easily accessed by buses going to Sea Life Park.

Pele's Chair

On the cliffs of Cape Makapuu, there is a rock that looks like a large chair which is called Pele's chair. It is said that this is the chair that Pele, The Goddess of Fire in Hawaiian mythology, used for a break during her travels. Hawaiians still make offerings here because it is said that you can experience Pele's strong energy coming from the rocks. If you are feeling low on confidence, why not make a trip to Pele's chair and experience the powerful mana that resides in this sacred place?

Pele's Chair Address: Kalanianaole Hwy, Honolulu
Access: Get off at Hawaii Kai Golf Course in front of Sea Life Park. It's about a 1km walk from there.


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