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About Payments & Cancellations
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About Payments & Cancellations


Online reservations can be accepted if placed 7 days or more in advance of the day of your appointment.
 Otherwise, reservations can only be accepted over the phone.
If you make an online reservation at least 7 days in advance, we will give you a 10% discount off
 the treatment charge.(※Package menu and treatments between 12/9/2022 thru 12/15/2022 are excluded from this discount )

■Contact (by phone)
[Office Hours] 10:00AM-5:00PM
[Marriott Extension] 7160

Online Payment Method

We only accept credit card payments for online reservations. Please complete payment within 24 hours of making the reservation.

※Online reservations that have not been paid within 24 hours of being booked will be canceled automatically. Please complete payment as soon as possible to avoid automatic cancellation.

※Once booked, if you cancel your reservation within 2 days of your appointment, a 100% cancellation fee will be incurred.

※If we are unable to fulfill your request, you will be notified via e-mail or telephone.

※For reservations that cannot be fulfilled, we will refund your payment within two months of your appointment date request. (e.g. if a reservation scheduled for August could not be fulfilled, the refund would occur by the end of October).

Regarding Cancellations and Fees

For cancellations made more than 3 days in advance, there is NO FEE.

Cancellation made within 2 days of your reservation will incur a 100% fee.

If you are receiving a refund, it will be completed and shown in the same card account used for payment within two months.

※Reservations made online may only be canceled online.
If you wish to cancel your reservation, click here.


<Marriott Extension> 7160
<Office Hours> 10:00AM-5:00PM
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