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Flow & Guidelines
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Flow & Guidelines

This is the general flow after your arrival at Royal Kaila.
For your comfort, please read the guidelines before you receive your treatment.



Royal Kaila Wedding & Spa is located on the 2nd floor of the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa by the world-famous beach of Waikiki.
You can enjoy the gentle, cozy and relaxing atmosphere here. Please arrive at reception at least 10 minutes before your reservation time so as to enjoy your treatment.
After you're accepted, we will take you to the locker room.

Treatment explanation

Treatment explanation

The therapist in charge will help you to fill in a questionnaire sheet about your condition after you sign in at reception. After listening to what you would like, the therapist in charge will prepare for your customized treatment.
If you have particular requirements (for instance you are pregnant or you have any painful areas or allergies etc.), please tell us so that we can practice our treatments with your comfort and safety in mind.

The Treatment

The Treatment

After counseling, we will take you to your treatment room and start the treatment as agreed during your counseling. Feel free to further customise your treatment by speaking to your therapist. Our therapists will do their best to accommodate your wishes.

After the Treatment

After the Treatment

After changing your clothes, we will give you a hot or cold beverage. The organic herb tea helps to further cleanse body and mind.

All of us look forward to your next visit.


Royal Kaila does not offer medical treatments for therapeutic purposes.

Please understand that we are not able to offer our services to those in any of the following conditions:

●Conditions preventing massage.

•Pregnant women.
•Those in a poor physical condition or with a high fever.
•Those under the effects of alcohol.
•Those who have severe osteoporosis
•Those who have severe hypertension
 (high blood pressure)
•Those who have thrombosis
•Those who have skin disease
•Those with cancer or severe ulcers.
•Those who have undergone surgery in the past 6 months
•Those advised against such treatments by their doctor

●Areas where we can”Ēt give treatments to

•Areas with severe inflammation
•Areas at risk of suppuration or infection
•Injured skin and any areas bleeding or liable to bleed
•Areas containing any medical equipment (internal splints,
 artificial joints etc)

If you have other severe health problem or any questions, be sure to consult a therapist when you make your reservation.

[Other notes and prohibited matters]

•If you would like to remove contact lenses before the facial treatments, please bring a case.

•Royal Kaila will not bear any responsibility for any property lost or stolen. We recommend not bringing anything valuable or that you do not need.

•To maintain the peaceful atmosphere, please refrain from using any electrical devices (e.g. mobile phone, pager etc)

•Contents of services and prices may change without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding.


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