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Information[Jan. 30, 2023]
Gift Cards for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming soon.
This year, we encourage you to give someone special a Royal Kaila Spa gift card along with a bouquet of flowers. Gift cards can be purchased in person at the salon or over the phone.

Information[Jan. 23, 2023]
Hawaii's premier chocolate brand "KOHO" opens in Waikiki

KOHO, the luxury chocolate brand of the Hawaiian Horst Group, famous for its macadamia nut chocolates, has opened on the first floor of the Outrigger Hotel Waikiki Beach along Kalakaua Avenue. Eight types of bonbon chocolates line the showcase like sparkling jewels. The showcase is lined with eight different types of bonbon chocolates, including lilikoi caramel, mango ginger caramel, and other flavors that are uniquely Hawaiian.

Information[Jan. 20, 2023]
Māyā--The Magic of Music and Dance

Closing out this year's Bollywood and South Asia Film festival is Māyā, which will be a live performance taking place at 7:00pm at the Doris Duke Theater at the Honolulu Museum of Art!

Information[Jan. 18, 2023]
Bright Concentrate

Loved your Bright facial? Keep the brightening going with the Tulasara Bright Concentrate! This is the same serum we use in the Bright facial, so if brightening and evening the skin tone is your concern, give it a try!

Information[Jan. 16, 2023]
Minding our P's and Q's

What is "thank you" in Hawaiian? Mahalo!

Information[Jan. 13, 2023]
On Screen Tonight: Last Film Show

Tonight at the Doris Duke Theater as part of the Bollywood and South Asia Film Festival, catch "Last Film Show" at 7:00PM!

Information[Jan. 11, 2023]
Botanical Repair

Introducing the Botanical Repair collection from Aveda! This collection features a strengthening and bond-building formula for damaged hair (similar to Olaplex, but plant-based!).

Information[Jan. 09, 2023]
A-L-O-H-A! Spread the Aloha!

A-L-O-H-A! Spread a little Aloha around the world~!!

Aloha means hello, goodbye, and can also mean I love you!

Information[Jan. 06, 2023]
This Month: Bollywood and South Asia Film Festival

The Bollywood and South Asia Film Festival is going on now at the Honolulu Museum of Art! If you enjoy good films that will take you on a journey (there may be a little bit of melodrama in there, but embrace it, it's a lot more fun that way!), the Festival will be showing 6 films through the month with a live performance on the 21st!

Information[Jan. 04, 2023]
Closed Today

Reminder that we are CLOSED today! If you would like to book an appointment though, please leave us a message and we will contact you on Thursday 1/5! Happy New Year!

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