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Special Treatment Honolulu Marathon Massage Specials

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There are many marathons in Hawaii but the most popular marathon, the Honolulu Marathon will be held on December 10th 2023.
At Royal Kaila Spa we created a Honolulu Marathon Special in order to answer to our clients needs such as for those who want to finish the marathon, alleviate muscle aches etc.

  1. After Run massage 50 min /80 min

Try our After Run massage to relax with our clinically proven aroma before the marathon, then try our Aveda Activate Composition massage after the marathon to loosen tight muscles.

For all runner's there's an underlying theme when it comes to an athlete's body.
Get rid of fatigue and stay in your best condition!

  • These treatments are excluded from online discounts
  • Addition to the treatment 17% service charge and 4.167% State tax will be added to your bill
  • At the Spa we accept US currency only

Special Menu AFTER RUN

Special Menu@AFTER RUN

A sports massage to relax and alleviate sore muscles.
perfect to aid in recovery after a long RUN!

Time /Price 50 minutes $160.00 Add to cart
80 minutes $210.00 Add to cart


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