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About Hawaiian Spas

There are several different beauty treatments available at Royal Kalia Spa. While the spa is primarily used for healing and relaxation, the beauty treatments will enhance your physical appearance and have you looking your best.

When it comes to spas in Japan, there is the impression of a facility that uses hot springs. In Hawaii, however, the aim is to provide pure relaxation and mitigate any problems that may be causing ill health or discomfort.

The use of the spa originated in Europe and is used throughout the world. The Hawaiian spa is particularly aimed at mental relaxation and to enhance the body's natural healing power. Through the application of Lomi-Lomi massage techniques, a style a massage that has been used in Hawaii since ancient times, these relaxation and healing methods are enhanced. In addition to Lomi-Lomi, hot stones and reflexology are also used, as well as a Sweedish style massage on the body. The unique combination provides a truly original experience.

Relaxation effects of the Hawaiian Spa

Relaxation effects of the Hawaiian Spa In the Hawaiian Spa, the therapists use oil according to each person's physical condition to rejuvenate their energy. While the salon aims to beautify the skin's surface, the Hawaiian spa aims to enhance inner beauty.

In addition our care products, such as the oils used, they are also created using organic and natural materials. Our Hawaiian spas also use aroma oils, the soundscape of the ocean, and calming music to enhance the relaxation of the body and mind. We also have tea and drinks available to assist your body in removing any toxins that may be present. Overall, this treatment will allow you to be become beautiful both on the inside and out.

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi Our most famous Hawaiian spa is Lomi Lomi. "Lomi" is a traditional healing method used by ancient Hawaiians as a medical treatment. The Hawaiians had a deep connection to nature and the Earth and if they became ill or injured, they would use the Earth's and their own natural energy (called 'Mana') to heal and cure themselves.

With this technique, the therapist will utilize the whole power of their body and send their Mana, or energy, from their hands and fingers. By using their energy, the therapist is able to cleanse and relax you from the inside without using any special equipment.

This treatment uses aroma oil to increase blood and lymph flow through the body. By using their palms, arms, and elbows, muscles are loosened and stiffness is eased. A treatment with an ever-growing popularity, the benefits include improving blood flow and assisting with any physical discomfort of stress.

Hot Stone

Hot stone Hot stone is a relaxation oil massage that uses natural stones that have been warmed to 50-60 degrees Celsius. This natural heat deeply permeates muscles, relieving tension and stress. By doing this, the entire body is relaxed, similar to the effect of using a hot spring.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage The Swedish massage is an oil massage that stimulates the muscles with oil. By relaxing the muscles and stimulating the flow of lymph fluid it not only has a relaxing effect on the body, but also promotes the removal of waste products and moisturizes the skin.

This massage has been adopted by various medical institutions in Europe and the United States because it also has the ability to adjust the balance of the autonomic nervous system.


Reflexology This massage centers on the foot soles. By stimulating the sole of the foot, tiredness, fatigue, and swelling are eliminated as blood flow improves. There are many menus incorporating reflexology at the Hawaiian Spa. It is one of our most popular treatements, especially after a long flight or full day of shopping.


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