Best Healing Spots - Volume 8

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Best Healing Spots - Volume 8

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Best Healing Spots - Volume 8

When you get off at Honolulu Airport, you will be surrounded by Hawaiian scent with a nice breeze, and if you stay in Hawaii, you will be healed by the scent of southern country wherever you go. The Hawaiian spa provides relaxation effects with the aroma scent, and the body care scents such as aroma candles and soaps also have a healing effect, so why not purchase them in Hawaii and use them in Japan? Here are some spots where you can enjoy "Hawaii-like fragrance".

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Island Soap & Candle Works

Island Soap and Candle Works is a shop specializing in handmade soap and candles. When you enter the shop, you can enjoy a sweet scent and enjoy soaps and candles using Hawaiian fruit and flower materials such as plumeria, pineapple, and pickle. There are also body care products, and when you actually pick them up and try them, you will be healed by their fragrance and feel happy. Buy a bath salt or soap and use it in your hotel bathroom to relax. There are candles in coconut shells and so on.

Island soap & Candle Works [Address] Ward Warehoues 1F, 1050 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu
[Business Hours] Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00 Sun 10:00-18:00
[Phone] 808-591-0533


Sedona in the Ward Center is a shop that sells aroma candles and power stones, and is popular not only for locals but also for Japanese tourists. There are wide variety of aroma oils and you can choose the one that suits your purpose, such as healing effect and stress relief. This shop is also famous for having a famous fortune teller called "Mother of Hawaii". If you make a reservation, you can have a fortune-telling with a Japanese interpreter. There are also healing goods in the store, so you can feel relaxed just by being in the store with the scent of candles.

Sedona [Address] 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI (Ward Cener)
[Business Hours] Mon-Sat10:00-21:00 Sun 10:00-18:00
[Phone] 808-591-8010

Bath & Body Works

Bath and body works that handle body creams and hand soaps with sweet and tropical scents. The store at Ala Moana Shopping Center is always crowded with locals and tourists who enjoy shopping. As soon as you enter the store, you will be healed by the many scents. Depending on the season, a new scent will come out, so it is also recommended as a souvenir for aroma lovers. Every item has a cute package, so you can't decide which one to buy. Highly recommended is hand soap. The moment you push the pump, it is wrapped in a good scent and you can enjoy the remaining scent even after washing. Since all are affordable, why not enjoy various types of scents?

バス・アンド・ボディ・ワーク [Address] 1450 Ala Moana Blvd Honolulu, HI 96815
[Business Hours] Mon-Sat 9:30-21:00 Sun 10:00-19:00
[Phone] 808-946-8020


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