Basic knowledge of Esthetics

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Basic knowledge of Esthetics

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Basic knowledge of Esthetics

There are many female clients who want to experience esthetics when they visit Hawaii. However, when making a reservation, they may ask about the differences between spa services and esthetic services.

This page will talk about the basics of esthetics and what you need to know.

What are esthetics?

What are esthetics? Esthetic is a full-body treatment through massage and healing and includes facial and body treatments, hair loss, etc.

For example, in facial treatment, the course is classified according to its purpose. Purposes could include whitening effects or anti-aging treatments.

In addition, esthetic has a slimming effect and detox removal. Anybody can perform spa treatments but not esthetics. Estheticians are skin specialists. They are dealing more with cosmetic treatments that improve the skin's appearance and overall health. They advise clients about skin care and help them use the proper products such as herbal cream to lessen the stains and wrinkles and to maintain their skin at home.

There are many facilities that offer aromatherapy and healing spaces, as the balance of mind and body and relaxation are inseparable elements to becoming beautiful.


The esthetics are said to be ancient healing and healing massages that Cleopatra had given to her followers. Many stories about beauty, such as using gold leaves and rose extracts, remain.

The origin is the noble era of 18th century France. It began with beauty treatment that shrine maidens who served noble women would perform using massages in a milk baths or a apply cosmetics using plant extracts.

Later on, more people became aware of the ingrdients used in Chinese and Indian medicines and these made their way into modern day treatments.

Esthetics found their way to Japan around 1868 People would train in France and open shops similar to barber shops to treat the faces of male customers. It also became possible to treat women customers as well.

People who learned massage in the United States opened a salons and the treatment became widely known to the world under the name of "facial art". After a period of rapid growth, actresses active on TV in the 1970s introduced it as a beauty method and it became a bit hit. In the 80's, esthetic salons spread throughout the country.


There are many types of esthetic treatments. The methods used vary depending on the skin types and condition of the individual.

Facial decollete
Lifting Face lifting massage; Anti-aging.
Whitening Eliminates dullness and freckles; A composition of whitening effects for care after sunburn
Chemical Peeling Removes the outer layer of the skin to improve and smooth the texture of the skin.
Lymph Drainage A face-to-neck massage that promotes lymphatic flow to relieve swelling and raise metabolism.
Body Esthetics
Pelvic Diet A diet that tries to increase fat burning by adjusting the pelvis and body distortion. Promotes muscle exercise using EMS machines.
Bust Care Uses massage and machines to keep the busts large, firm, and maintain their beautiful shape.
Slimming Esthetics Uses an ultrasonic machine to increase vibration and metabolism and promotes combustion by pumping out fat through massages that work on the inside of the body.
Cellulite Care Cellulite is caused by fat deposits which give the skin a lumpy appearance and cannot be removed naturally. This treatment will remove cellulite with dissolving machine and through massage.

There are many types of treatments available and they can vary by location. Choose one that best suits your needs.


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