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★ Bridal Special ★

Bridal Special Bridal Special


  1. Book an 80min Stress Fix Massage, receive:

    *FREE Hot Stone Foot Massage upgrade
    (within service time)
    *FREE Caribbean Therapy Back Scrub/Mask
    (within service time)
    **The Caribbean Therapy scrub is combined with sugar cane, sea salt, ginger root, and mango extract to create a mask. Used during massage, the sugar cane and sea salt creates an exfoliant for your back. A warm towel is then used to remove the mask which leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated. *Not recommended for those allergic to Mango.

  2. Book a 50min Chakra Balancing Massage, receive:

    *$5 OFF! Regular price $150 >> Special $145
    *FREE Hot Stone Foot Massage (within service time)

    Deep-tissue massage, foot reflexology, and subtle energy work. This ritual connects body to self. As a result, clients come away with a greater appreciation for the interwoven aspects of their mind, body, and spirit, and a greater sense of participation in their healing journey.

    Book an 80min Chakra Balancing Massage, receive:

    *$10 OFF! Regular price $200 >> Special $190
    *FREE Hot Stone Foot Massage (within service time)

  4. Book any massage or body treatment, receive one of the following two facials for $100 ($150 Original Price $50 off) Limit 3people per day(first come, first serve)

    *Green Science Skin Renewing Treatment Facial 50min Anyone who is concerned with aging skin is an ideal candidate for the Green Science Facial. To help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    *Enbrightenment Discoloration Treatment Facial 50min Designed to help anyone with hyper pigmentation. It will give your skin a beautiful glow, and begin to break up hyper pigmented spots from the inside out

  5. Book a Brazilian wax ($94), receive:

    *FREE Lip Wax ($21 value!)
    **Generally, razors will damage your skin and the new hair will continue to grow, whereas waxing keeps your skin beautiful for longer. Old keratin will be removed and you can get smooth skin with no unwanted hair.

  6. If you check in on Yelp to get the offer, you will get 10% off any treatment over $70!

    *Offer cannot be combined with other discounts & cannot be applied to packages.
    *You must show proof that you checked in in order to receive the discount on treatment day.

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Get a FREE Green Science Eye Treatment with ANY facial.
Get a FREE Dry Body Exfoliation with ANY massage.

*Discount can't be applied to packages, and can't be combined with any other discounts*
*Discount can't be applied to services already paid in advance, instead we will give you a free mini gift*



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